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After university and a short period where I worked as a music and hi-fi journalist, I started work in an electronics company as a design engineer. Progressing from designer to senior designer in several of Britain's top broadcast companies (including Abekas, Pro-Bel and AVS). I was also responsible for part of the development of AVESCO's first product in the medical imaging field and for the installation of the beta-site version in the VA Hospital in New York.

Perfect Pitch Music

In the nineties, my own interests in music and 3D sound, led me to set up Perfect Pitch Music Ltd. to develop and sell the stereo enhancement system FRANCINSTIEN and the OM three-dimensional stereo system. Both these systems sold world-wide and were (and still are) used on many records, tapes and CDs as well as on television music and film scores. (The client list includes: Queen, David Bowie, Heaven Seventeen, Robert Fripp, Fish and Bernard Herrmann amongst others.) The OM system - which was developed at the same time as the Roland RSS system and Q-Sound and well before the Thorn EMI Sensaura system - resulted in coverage in the Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal who reported Perfect Pitch Music as "a company to watch". I have presented seminars on my original work in extended stereophony, to the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research at Southampton University and the Surrey University Tonmeister course. I have also demonstrated 3D technologies in Hollywood and theme-parks across the USA. In 2006 I gave a series of lectures on Sound Engineering at Oxford Brookes University as a Visiting Fellow.

Many of the algorithms I have developed for extended stereophony are now available in a software product called Stereo Sauce developed by Pspatial Audio.

Music composition

Meanwhile, Perfect Pitch Music continued as a music production company. Drawing on my musical background (I studied composition privately when still at school studying harmony, counterpoint and orchestration and took lessons in composition under Peter Sandar and electronic music composition at the City Literary Institute when in my early twenties) Perfect Pitch Music released nearly two dozen tapes and CD's released on two major record labels - CYP Productions and Tring International. I have over 300 original songs and arrangements most of which are published by CYP Music Ltd. In addition I have written three musicals: We'll Launch from Porlock, Copperfield and The Time Machine for the children of two London schools. I was commissioned to write a piece for the Rainforest Foundation. Called Hey Bulldozer, the piece was composed for orchestra, tape and children's choir and was performed several times during the London Weekend festivals. During my studies for a PhD, I composed a piece for the Jacques-Levy composition competition called A Stand-In for an Echo which combined recordings of real instruments and 3D sound-effects. I also acted as musical director on the West End run of Mumsie's Christmas Escapade and co-produced the show's cast recording with its author, American actor, Eric Loren. The show, starring Sandra Caron as Mumsie from TV's The Crystal Maze, also featured Rocky Horror Show's Richard O'Brien and saw the debut of Lionel Blair's son, Matthew!

More recent commissions have included a piece called Hymn to Aten, written for the soprano Jane Searle, for soprano, orchestra and pre-recorded tape as well as music for commercial and corporate video projects and films.


In the late nineties, my time was divided between freelance electronics design and writing a book called Multimedia and Virtual Reality Engineering which is published by Newnes. Before moving to live in France at the end of the nineties, I returned to work full-time for Pro-Bel as a senior designer and Product Champion for a new range of products called Freeway. For this work I was cited in Post Update magazine as one of the "12 Disciples of TV Design".

In 1998, I had my second book published by Newnes called Music Engineering which went to a second edition in 2003. My third book called, Newnes Guide to Digital Television was published in 2000. These books have been translated into several languages including Russian and Chinese. I am joint author of the new Audio Engineering – “know it all” series from Newnes. I have just published a new book called Music Electronics which is a two volume work which is the most comprehensive work I know concerning applications of electronics to producing, recording and reproducing sound.

Television and films

I have recently written, produced and shot some short, documentary films, one of which (about the UK financial crisis) gained a viewership of 80 million when shown on Beijing TV as part of their Common Ground series.


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